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Expatriate, Moving, Living and Working Overseas

The importance of planning your relocation overseas cannot be stressed enough. As soon as you find out when and where your will be moving, start drawing up your plan.

Make sure before you leave that you have consulted with your human resources department or relocation consultant. You may need a current medical exam, updated passport or work permit all in order to relocate overseas. The list of things required may seem long and intimidating, especially if you are also making time (as we would recommend) for language training and cross-cultural learning. You might consider delegating some of these tasks to trained professionals.

Packing for and Living In Your New Home Abroad

You may feel compelled to maintain your normal routine as long as possible; it's best to start your packing routine as soon as possible. Many expatriates move into temporary furnished housing for the first few days or weeks while unpacking. Living without your personal belongings is much easier in your home country, where you already know how to handle the details of life and have a support network. In the event you are shipping your car abroad, sending it early can help minimize any potential problems you might have in waiting for personal transportation after your arrival.

If traveling with children, you may want to consider carrying the following with you wherever you go:

  • Books, video games, MP3 players and travel journals are great accessories' for older kids.
  • Prepackaged food is good, but may disrupt young children's regular mealtimes. The lack of proper nourishing meals on airlines, (or no meals at all) requires us to still be prepared.
  • Your children's school transcripts, immunization, medical and dental records are a must on your arrival.
  • A small supply of writing, drawing and coloring books can help pass the time, especially on long flights.

Prepare yourself mentally to give your full attention while traveling with younger children on your trip. Think of it as a particularly intense "quality time" to make your flight pass by quickly and enjoyably.



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